• Aims and Objectives
  • Organisation
  • Name 
  • Internet and social media
  • Campaigning activities
  • Social events and community meetings
  • Other groups

Aims and objectives 

  • Feedback from the 26 July meeting was that detailed drafting of objectives should not take precedence over actions and activities.  Nevertheless we will need to include a mission statement on the new website (see below).  It is clear from our meetings that, whilst everyone is pro-EU, pro-Europe and in favour of the best possible relationship between Britain and EU emerging from the present situation, there are differences in emphasis and approach between individuals.  We propose therefore to develop a broad statement of principles that hopefully most people will feel able to sign up to and circulate this for comments via a Survey Monkey.


  • Thirteen people have come forward to volunteer for the steering committee.   Their names and email addresses are set out at the end of this email.  A number of us met for a kick off meeting on Friday 29 July.
  • The group covers a lot of important skills and expertise – political campaigning, communications, PR, web, social media, connections with local MPs/press/academia/nationals from other Member States, law, economics, international development and trade policy, environmental policy, management, history, science and technology policy, even particle physics!  It would be useful to have in addition a representative of students in Camden and someone from the BME community, if anyone would like to volunteer.
  • It was felt that at present the priority is to get communications and our online presence working properly, so the only jobs that have been allocated for the moment amongst steering committee members are:
    • Website editor: David Freeborn
    • Social media: Katie Newbury
    • Mailings/data controller: Keith Moffitt
    • Newsletter: Nick Pimlott
  • Later in the year, we will hold an Annual General Meeting to agree on objectives and a constitution and hold open elections for committee members.


  • In line with other similar groups and to move away from the Stronger In name, we will call ourselves “Camden for Europe“.  This can be changed in due course if desired by the membership.

Internet, mailings and social media

  • A website has been created with the url   Thanks to David Freeborn and Oli Usher for taking this forward.
  • Our mailing list has been moved to Mailchimp (thanks to Keith Moffitt) to streamline the sending out of communications by email and help us manage the list.   We have created a generic mailbox – – which will appear on the website.   Please continue to feel free to email anyone on the committee personally (email addresses below, cc’ing the general mailbox).
  • Social media: Katie Newbury continues to manage the Facebook and Twitter accounts for Holborn & St Pancras which will be renamed “Camden for Europe”.  For online discussions about news/ideas/analysis etc, we would suggest continuing to use the Facebook page as this is the most familiar and easy to use platform.  If there is sufficient support from the members we will convert the Facebook page to a closed group but at the moment propose to keep it open.
  • Survey Monkey:  we plan, probably after the summer break, to send round a Survey Monkey to gather information about people’s skills and interests and what they could offer.


  • We will institute a newsletter in email format to be edited/curated by a willing volunteer (Nick Pimlott in the first instance).   Given the impending holidays we will send the first of these towards the end of August and aim to send them out fortnightly thereafter.
  • The aim is that the newsletter will include:
    • Information on recent and upcoming Camden for Europe activities and events
    • Information about activities and events being organised by other groups
    • Links to relevant news items, articles or other discussions
    • Any thoughts, ideas or analyses that you would like to share with the Camden for Europe group as a whole (as many of you do by email now)
    • A selection of posts from our Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • We are dependent on contributions from you so please send anything that you think might be interesting to include in the newsletter to

Campaigning activities

  • The key to getting campaigning activities going will be individuals or groups of individuals coming up with ideas and going out and doing them.
  • Street stalls remain a good way to show presence locally, raise awareness, and sign up new volunteers.  Keith ran a very successful street stall in West Hampstead on Saturday and signed up a lot of new members.  Maralyn Lai is running street stalls on 2nd, 3rd and 4th August in King’s Cross, Somerstown and Tufnell Park.  Valerie Yorke is looking into cost-effective options for having banners printed for use on street stalls.  People from other London boroughs are very impressed that we are already running street stalls!
  • Other ideas for activities:
    •  A communication offensive with European opinion – write to European newspapers, open letter to European leaders etc – to try and break the impression that is taking hold in Europe that Brexit is a done deal.  Philip Richmond has agreed to prepare a draft.
    • Liaison with local press in Camden – Keith will pursue this with his contacts.
    • A letter on behalf of Camden for Europe to Keir Starmer and Tulip Siddiq in advance of the Parliamentary debate in Westminster Hall on 5th September (nb this is just a debate; there will be no vote, but it will be an important opportunity for the arguments to be aired in a public forum).  Bryn Kewley will take forward the drafting of this.
    • Arrange a meeting with Keir Starmer (Stephen Tindale) and Sarah Haywood of Camden Council (Keith).
    • Liaison with European communities in Camden (Vanessa Mayneris).
  • This is just a start.  Please, please come forward with proposed activities and suggestions for things that you would like to do.  The role of the steering committee is to provide a platform to advertise and support the activities of members, not to dictate what those activities should be.

Social events and community meetings

  • We will organise a regular social evening once a month for members to meet and discuss.  The first social event will be on 18 August 2016 at 7pm at the Grafton Pub in Kentish Town.   This will just be an opportunity to meet each other, have a drink and chat informally.
  • We are in the process of agreeing a regular slot with the Grafton for future monthly meetings.  Further details to follow.
  • We will where possible arrange a guest speaker for these events.  Valerie Yorke will approach Sussex University UK Trade policy Observatory looking at Brexit trade policy proposals /implications  and Prof Douglas-Scott, leading European constitutional lawyer, to see whether in principle they would be prepared to address one of our meetings in Sept/Oct.

Other groups

  • We continue to keep up to date with the activities of other groups.
  • Nick attended a meeting of London pro-EU groups organised by Lambeth on Wednesday 3rd August.   Representatives from Tower Hamlets, Lambeth, Chelsea & Fulham, Islington, Tooting & Wandsworth, Hackney, Kingston, Southwark and Westminster/Britain for Europe were there, as well as one of the national coordinators of March for Europe. The main outputs of that meeting were:
    • Lambeth is setting up a London-wide forum of all pro-European groups as a means of sharing ideas, supporting each other and collaborating.
    • There was general disappointment about the recent communications from Stronger In and their top-down approach.  Stronger In is thought likely to re-brand and become more of a lobbying organisation.
    • There is a need for an overarching parent organisation for all the various groups.  Britain for Europe was generally thought to have the better approach from a grassroots perspective but it is early days.  No-one wanted to see rivalry between BFE and Stronger In.
  • We will keep in touch with Britain for Europe and send a representative to, or make sure Camden’s voice is heard at, the Britain for Europe national council meeting on 17th August.
  • We will keep a watching brief on other groups – eg, Remain United, Vote Leave Watch etc.  None of these currently appear to offering the kind of national umbrella that BFE is attempting to create.  Please share any input or inside information on other groups that you may come across.
  • As I am sure many of you know, March for Europe is organising a central London march on 3 September to coincide with the re-opening of Parliament.

Finally, please note that we are sending you this email on the basis that you have previously received emails from us about pro-EU activities in Camden or otherwise expressed an interest in pro-EU activities in Camden or more widely.    If you no longer wish to receive emails or other communications about Camden for Europe, please let Nick Pimlott or Keith Moffitt know or click “unsubscribe” below.   If you have any questions about the use of your personal information, please contact Nick or Keith.

All the best


Members of steering committee

Nick Pimlott –
Philip Richmond –
Keith Moffitt –
Bryn Kewley –
David Freeborn –
Vanessa Mayneris –
Katie Newbury –
Virginia Beardshaw –
Oli Usher –
Stephen Tindale –
Valerie Yorke –
Rick Chiles –
Andrew Rose –

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