Letter to Keir Starmer on legislating for Brexit day

I am writing to you on behalf of Camden for Europe. I am also one of your constituents.

We are extremely concerned by the proposed Government amendment to set the exit day in the EU Withdrawal Bill itself and urge you to oppose it and ensure a 3 line whip against it. There are three reasons for this:-

1. It will sabotage – and is clearly designed to sabotage – Dominic Grieve’s amendment 7 which would ensure there had to be an Act of Parliament approving the exit terms. This amendment remains crucial: David Davis’s ‘concession’ when looked at closely does not go beyond the Prime Minister’s promise of a vote on the terms made at the beginning of the year.

2. It makes it much more difficult for Parliament to send the government back to re-negotiate terms if the initial deal is unsatisfactory.

3. Possible risks of serious disruption to financial markets if preparatory work is not completed by any statutory exit date, with the danger of a credit crunch before this as banks make the necessary provisions.

Like so much of the Government’s behaviour recently, it is profoundly undemocratic and we are relying on you to oppose it.

Best wishes

Philip Richmond

Camden for Europe

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