Street stall at Mornington Crescent tube today

Thanks to everybody who dropped by today’s street stall!

On Saturday December 9, we set up a street stall at the foot of Camden High St. Bright but chilly conditions prevailed. Our primary aim was to engage the public and acquire additional members for our mailing list.  The passers-by were the usual collection of tourists and locals, but in amongst them were the people we were looking for—the  voters who are sincerely concerned that Brexit is a bad  idea that has taken a wrong turn, and is capable of inflicting generational damage.  At Nicholas Chadwick’s suggestion, we included two Union Jack flags in our decoration of the table, to reclaim in small measure the mantle of patriotism unfairly grabbed by the Brexiteers.

It was a cold day, but although these frigid conditions are challenging events like this are essential if we are to continue to grow as a group and achieve our goal of stopping or mitigating the effects of one of the most wanton acts of legislative vandalism that this country has known. These activities are also essential for individuals in the group to not feel isolated in their sense of outrage that Brexit is taking place without the clear understanding or approval of a strong majority of the population. At its basic level, a street stall, gives us the opportunity to join with others who are annoyed enough to link up with their fellows and do one of the most difficult things for most of us—speak to strangers and try and convince them that working against Brexit is still important and that there is still all to play for.  If we are to accomplish anything, this has to be the core of what we do, converting the doubtful, encouraging outrage and bringing a sense to the person in the street that resistance can be effective;  we can join together and have our voices heard.

The net result – several dozen new names for the mailing list, a small but significant victory.

Fighting the good fight with @CamdenForEurope!

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