The big truth bus

We all remember the notorious £350m a week slogan used by the Leave campaign before the referendum.

Now we can run a similar campaign – with the big difference that we will be telling the truth!


The £50bn and counting bus will tour the country and we will invite MPs to join the bus when it reaches their constituencies – we have already had acceptances. We are confident of both national and local press and TV coverage.

Contribute to the Truth about Brexit bus tour

The costs are to hire the bus (in fact we will buy it and then sell it back to the owner), paint it, attach the slogan and then pay for a driver, fuel, parking and insurance. Depending on how much we raise, we will tour the country for between 1 and 4 weeks.

We will certainly stop outside Parliament, the BBC and the London homes of some of the extreme Brexiteers in the Cabinet.

Help make it real

If you are in another local group and would like the bus to visit your area, and can help with local publicity and fundraising, please get in touch with Charles Seaford, who is coordinating this appeal –

Suggestions for the text on the bus or other aspects of the project are welcome.

Contribute to the crowdfunding appeal


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